House of Delegates

The volunteer seated House of Delegates is structured to represent the opinions of our  members. The delegates keep the association strategically focused by presenting suggested bylaw changes for the Board of Directors’ review.  The House of Delegates also votes on proposed AMTA Position Statements that reflect AMTA’s stance on important massage therapy issues.  While bylaw recommendations are merely suggestions for the national AMTA board to consider, the position statements become official statements of the AMTA as soon as they are approved in the House.
Position Statements to be voted on are available now and the link is posted below to click on and peruse each statement. Position Statements are the AMTA’s “position” on certain topics. They are supported by research, and can be used to promote massage therapy and explain it’s benefits.  Click here to see all of the ‘approved’ position statements.
The AMTA MO Chapter Delegates for the year 2016-2017 are:
Dee Featherstone
Amy Lane

Janene Sun
Feel free to contact any of them if you have a question regarding House of Delegates documents or Position Statements. 
There were no Bylaw recommendations or positions statements for the 2016 House of Delegates.